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Exterior Wash

We keep your car clean and neat, no scratches, no water spots and the car looks new forever. The water usage will be depends upon the dirt and dust in the car, if there is more dust like the car is parked outside your house near the traffic road or parked under the tree, more water needs to be used such that the dirt is removed smoothly, if there is covered parking and less dust accumulated in your car then there will be less usage of water as we will squeeze and wipe the car.

  • First we will dust the car with the duster from the top to bottom and make sure the dusts are taken out.
  • Next clean,we use the 3M Micro Fiber cloth and making sure the cloth is not fully water squeezed as there should be some amount of water in it, also the cloth is washed now & then during the process as required.
  • In the 3rd clean coat we use another Micro Fiber cloth which is basically soft and water absorb-er, making sure no dirt is or the no water spots are left out.
  • In the 4th clean coat we use OKS Micro fiber cloth which is very smooth and water absorb-er, making sure the wind shield, front & back door glasses, booth glasses and the body of the car is left out no dirt is or the no water spots.
  • In the 5th clean coat we use a dry cloth only for the wind shield, door glasses and boot glasses making sure no water spots is left out.
  • In the 6th clean coat, we clean the Rim, mudguard, and the bottom layer of car with making sure no mud or any dirt is accumulated.


Interior Wash

  • We keep the interior of your clean, we initially remove the foot mats, if it is a rubber mat then we will wash it or if it is a sack mat the we will dust it such that the dusts are completely removed and will be put back once it is dried.
  • We clean under the mat with the vacuum if required or use of half wet Micro Fiber cloth to clean under the mat
  • We clean all nook and corner of the doors,
  • We open up the boot of the car and clean walls of the boot with a half wet micro fiber cloth were most of the dust is accumulated.
  • We use dry cloth to clean the inner side of the wind shield, door glasses and boot glasses.
  • We spay a nice body upholstery perfume such that it eases the mood of the customer to drive


If you know why customer choose Green Shine Daily Car Wash, you will like to use our services too.

  • Daily Service @ Doorstep
  • Professionalized Expert Cleaners
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Flexi Packages
  • Doorstep Spot Shampoo Water Wash
  • Quick Doorstep Spot Car Wash to make your car ready for your immediate requirement
  • Doorstep Wax Polish Available